Fabulous Norway – March 2023

Back this year to two of our favourite destinations in Norway. Seven of us had a week in Dalseter with the GB Nordic team and five Loipers followed up with a week in Hovringen. Other Loiper groups headed to Venabu or went hut touring in the Jotunheim and Hardangervidda.

Read the story of the Dalseter/Hovringen trip – follow this link.

Dalseter is always good. We joined the second week of the GB Nordic season with guided skiing provided by Dagmar, Glennis, Stefan, Pete Curwen and Nigel Williams. The skiing was great and the social atmosphere was excellent. It is a great hotel too. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best of snow on the high tops – they were very blown and icy. But the track skiing was mostly very good and there was good off-track skiing below the tree-line. The GB Nordic team did an great job as usual coming up with a daily programme taking into account the weather and snow conditions.

Hovringen was a new venue for me. We joined Dan Morgan and Stefan Janik and a mixed group of cross-country skiers at the wonderful Hogsfjellhotel. Hovringen has excellent track skiing with a few areas of trees and several easily accessible minor peaks. The snow was very good (better than Dalseter) and it was a super sociable week with Dan and his group.