Canoeing on Ullswater – Nov 2018

Tyneside Loipers have had a good summer – not just roller skiing, but also walking on Hadrian’s Wall, a couple of mountain biking trips, a day out on tandem bikes and two Canadian canoe trips.  After a fabulous sunny evening in July, with 15 of us paddling up the Tyne from Newburn to Wylam, we had a slightly more challenging trip last weekend on Ullswater.

Twelve intrepid Loipers launched from Oldchurch Bay and paddled against a strong southerly breeze all the way to the ferry landing at Aira Point, a little over 3 miles distant. We rafted up part way down the lake and Alan and Mark swapped over with Jane and Jane to even out the paddling power. After a pleasant stopover in the NT café at Aira Force, we relaunched off the south facing beach (into the increasing swell) and had a challenging few minutes getting around the point before paddling back to our start aided by a following wind. Dramatic skies and low sunlight (eventually), plus wonderful Lakeland scenery and autumn colours (all seen from the water). Thanks Mike and David for organising and thanks Jane Brantom for organising the facilities at Oldchurch Bay.

  1. Paddling around south Aira Point  2. Twelve intrepid Loipers before relaunching at Aira Point  3. Relaunching into the swell