Loipers AGM and Social, 8th October 2019

Thanks to all who attended the AGM at the Northumberland Club in Jesmond on 8th October. What a surprise – the existing committee were re-elected unopposed (hopefully we will have some new faces one of these days)!

We had some good discussion about club kit, Loiper activities and ski trips for this winter. Alan gave a quick demo of our updated website and Mike gave a nice explanation of our new club logo (both of which were well received). Thanks particularly to Neil for chairing the meeting and Charlie for the minutes and thanks to the Northumberland Club for the buffet (much better than last year!). The meeting rounded off with a few slides including some impressive photos of the Hetton roller ski event and race, plus some historic photos of past winter’s skiing in the Pennines provided by Jane and some stunning photos of ski touring trip on Senja Island, Norway, from John Dark.

Neil’s (Chairman) report summarised what has been a good year for the club – download here. AGM minutes can be downloaded here.