Hut touring in the Rondane, March 2020

Six hardy Loipers – Neil, Lewis, Ben, Paramjeet and Peter and Alison – spent most of one week at the comfortable Dalseter Høyfjellshotel and then travelled to the northern Rondane (Norway’s first National Park) to ski the renowned Rondane north-south traverse, staying in DNT mountain huts along the way. With unexpected hut closures, plus the Norwegian shutdown (due to corona virus), stormy weather and mixed snow conditions, the team got more than they bargained for! Read the story of their adventure (written by Lewis Preston) – click on the link below.

Six Loipers ready to depart from Dalseter on 12th March

Their plan was to take them from Hageseter in the north to Rondvassbu and Bjørnhollia in the south. Then they would ski out to the rail line and collect their excess luggage (left at vinstra) and fly home on 21st March. Below is Lewis’s sketch map showing what actually happened. Luckily they managed to get home, on the last KLM flight out of Oslo, on the 18th. You can read the full story here.