Good skiing right now. If you live in Germany!

The recent zoom meet (Tuesday evening) attracted 23 Loiper members swapping stories of their skiing exploits over the last couple of weeks. Club Secretary Charlie Fisher made everyone envious with photos of cross country track skiing close to his home in Germany. Charlie’s explanation and a few photos below…

Snow conditions in Germany are pretty good this year, so despite Corona restrictions it has been possible to ski locally. The downhill facilities are not allowed to open, so they have used the equipment to keep the network of loipen open, and even to come up with some new ones. In total, we have almost 200km of prepared tracks, some rather narrow prepared by a guy on a snowmobile, but most done to a high standard. Given the kids aren’t allowed to meet up with friends, it has been great to have (so far) 12 days skiing with them, including an introduction to skate skiing!

The weight of snow brought a few trees down across the loipen.

Living here in the middle of Germany is fascinating weather-wise. From the West we get the leftovers from your UK weather, warm and wet. From the East – the Beast, with cold air and potentially very low temperatures. We often sit on the battleground in between. This year the East is winning, and right now our forecast is dependent on which system wins by the weekend. We have snow everywhere again (too much over last weekend!) but the threat is a sudden 15 degree jump on Friday or Saturday. But the Beast from the East is making a late push, and could win out, so we can carry on skiing. My waxing arm is getting sore, waxing for family and friends too. So finally, I am getting a Toko waxing iron!

Plenty of snow for building a snow bear.
And a snowman on skis!
Charlie’s son getting the hang of skate skiing.