Please do get in touch…

Why not come to one of our slide shows, or just meet up to share your interest in whatever sort of ski-ing takes your fancy. You don’t have to be an expert, we have lots of members happy to share their love of cross-country in all its forms!

For general information about the club, ring Alan on 01661 823960 or send him an email as per the bottom of this page.

Roller ski enthusiasts should contact Alasdair, on 0191 266 2327.

Rather than try to print off information from the website, we have an information sheet and a membership application form, both in Word and PDFform (see newsletter page if you need to install the Acrobat Reader to open them).

Download the Information Sheet: Word or PDF

Download the Membership Form: Word or PDF

Email: in order to minimise robot-generated spam you will have to create the email address for our contacts manually. The format is and the only addresses which will work are alanm and charlief in front of the @ sign. Sorry for the inconvenience but we hate spam.